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Transform the walls of your work environment with our custom wall and wall sticker decors. Create a unique, engaging and memorable atmosphere that will impress your customers and motivate your employees. Choose our custom sticker decors and take your corporate image to the next level!

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Our adhesive wall and wall decors are easy to apply and remove, allowing for a quick and hassle-free transformation. Simply peel off the adhesive film and apply the decor directly to the desired wall for a stunning result.

Blended polymeric PVC film (white or transparent with matte surface)Backing Bipolyester paper, siliconized on one side , 143 g/m²Adhesive Solvent polyacrylate, transparent removable adhesive

Their flexibility and versatility allow them to be adapted to different environments and purposes, adding a creative and personalized touch to walls.

Fire behavior: Applied on steel, self-extinguishing Application temperature > +8°Thickness (without protective paper and adhesive): 0.100 mmDimensional stability (FINAT TM 14): Applied to steel, no measurable shrinkage in transverse direction, in longitudinal direction maximum of. 0.4 mmTermostability: Applied to aluminum, -40° C to +80° C, no alteration

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