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Vinyl Floor Protectors

Created to make your rooms even more modern , full of charm and beauty .
Waterproof, hypoallergenic, fireproof, anti-slip and stain-resistant, they are safe, washable, long-lasting, the Vinyl Floor Protectors are also perfect as parquet protectors to protect against signs of chairs or drawer units with wheels.
The quality vinyl used for these innovative flooring products guarantees maximum yield and durability as well as perfect washability of the printed surface.
Also perfect for play and the stay of the little ones: the Crearreda Floor Protectors follow the highest safety standards as they are free of phthalates. It is no longer necessary to clean carpets with a vacuum cleaner: a damp cloth is enough to remove all types of dirt. A perfect solution for those who have pets .
The production is also available for customized sizes and subjects , for more information contact the Customer Service at the email: ondemand@dekoidea.com

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