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Our custom adhesive signs offer a unique opportunity: you can use them to promote your brand, display your logo, communicate promotional messages, or create a unique and motivating atmosphere within your workspace.

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Made with high-quality materials and advanced printing technology, our custom adhesive lettering is durable and provides outstanding graphic output.

Blended polymeric PVC film (white or transparent with matte surface)Backing Bipolyester paper, siliconized on one side , 143 g/m²Adhesive Solvent polyacrylate, transparent removable adhesive

Offices and workplaces: Customized wall stickers can be used to create an inspiring and motivating work environment. They can include inspirations, motivational quotes or the company's logo and values.

Stores and retail outlets: Custom wall stickers can be used to attract customers' attention, highlight special promotions, communicate marketing messages, or create a welcoming and unique atmosphere at the point of sale.

Restaurants and cafes: Custom wall stickers can add personality and style to dining spaces. They can include thematic illustrations, menus, daily specials or design elements that reflect the identity of the venue.

Schools and kindergartens: Custom wall stickers can be used to create an educational and playful environment. They can include images, letters, numbers, illustrations or stories that enrich children's learning experience.

Special Events: Custom wall stickers can be used to decorate spaces for weddings, birthday parties, fairs or other special occasions. They can include names, dates, themes or decorative elements that create a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Sports centers and gyms: Custom wall stickers can be used to decorate the walls of gyms, creating a dynamic and motivating atmosphere. They can include images of athletes, sports inspirations or encouraging phrases.

Fire behavior: Applied to steel, self-extinguishing Application temperature > +8° C
Thickness (without protective paper and adhesive): 0.100mm Dimensional stability (FINAT TM 14): Applied to steel, no measurable shrinkage in transverse direction, in longitudinal direction maximum of. 0.4mm Thermostability: Applied to aluminum, -40° C to +80° C, no alteration

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