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Satin Glass Films

In addition to offering privacy, satin adhesive films can also be used to promote your brand or communicate corporate messages. We can customize the films with your logo, slogan or specific graphics, conveying a professional and polished image.

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Satin Glass Films Material

Satin adhesive window film is easy to apply due to its self-adhesive nature. It can be installed quickly and accurately, allowing working environments to be transformed without the need for costly renovation or glass replacement.

Our photomurals are made of high-quality materials that ensure exceptional color rendition and durability. Every detail will be sharp and vibrant, creating an impressive visual impact in your working environment.

Applicable on glass and windows

Fire resistance certificate EN13501 (B-s1,d0) and M1
Application temperature > +8° C Thickness (without protective paper and adhesive): 0.100 mm
Self-adhesive on one side, cadmium-free, coated with a permanent elastic, aging-resistant and solvent-free acrylate adhesive
Lightweight surface structure: due to the dot-shaped adhesive, outdoor applications are possible for up to one year

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