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Vinyl Placemats - Lilly's Tiles Grey (x4)

Vinyl Placemats - Lilly's Tiles Grey (x4)

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SKU: 83415
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Lilly's Tiles Grey

Product Code: 83415
ProductType: placemat (4 pieces)
Size: 48 x 33 cm
Material: Linoleum 2,5 mm
Brand: Dekoidea
Notes: The great alternative to traditional carpets that will give a distinguished, modern and elegant look to your rooms. Suitable for use throughout the home: kitchen, bathroom, kids room and living area... They can also be the perfect decorative solution for your office or shop. Our vinyl rugs are extremely durable, scratch resistant, easy to clean and lay flat, hypoallergenic, fireproof. Available in several sizes, they can be also tailored made. Their stylish designs will add beauty & durability to your rooms.
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