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Self-adhesive Coating - B&W Azulejos

Self-adhesive Coating - B&W Azulejos

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Removable self-adhesive coating
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SKU: 99823
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Self-adhesive Coating - B&W Azulejos

Product Code: 99823
ProductType: Removable self-adhesive coating
Size: Customable
Material: PVC Premium
Brand: Crearreda 
Notes: Cover the surface of a table, a wall, a wardrobe or any other smooth and clean surface quickly and easily. The particular "premium" vinyl with which this Top Cover is made is an absolutely innovative material: in addition to being very easy to apply (0 bubbles) it is resistant to heat sources, humidity, grease and can be washed with common detergents kitchen (non-abrasive). Top Cover has been developed for quick and easy applications on furniture and can be applied to plywood and MDF panels (preferably pre-coated), solid wood, plastic, metal and lacquered surfaces. The material used has a double fireproofing certification (M1 and B1).

Application Instructions
Before applying Top Cover, all surfaces must be cleaned properly. The optimal application can be obtained on a smooth, dry surface without grease or dust. Top Cover allows for effortless application, ensuring a bubble-free result and can be removed in case of errors, without tearing or wrinkling. Lay Top Cover on the surface and cut it to size. For smaller applications, it can be completely removed from the paper support and positioned on the desired surface by pressing from the center towards the edges, to remove air bubbles. For the application of Top Cover on larger surfaces, it is recommended to lift 10-15 cm from the paper support and spread it with a spatula, letting any air bubbles escape. Excess material can be trimmed with a cutter.

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