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Reward Points

The Points Collection that guarantees More Discounts for Everyone!
The promo Dekoidea Tell a Friend is the easiest point collection on the web!
You start earning points / discounts already by registering for the Newsletter, you accumulate others by registering your friends (who in turn earn points / discounts) and also by placing an order you accumulate other Points / Discounts!
Here is how Dekoidea Tell a Friend works:

If you sign up for the Dekoidea newsletter you will immediately receive a 20 point bonus on your account

FRIEND: 10 points (+ 20)
Invite a friend to register for the Dekoidea newsletter: if your friend registers, you will receive 10 points + 10 points to the registered friend
On the first purchase of your friend you will receive 20 free points on your account!

PURCHASE: 1 euro = 1 point
The moment you place an order, you will earn one point for every euro spent

DISCOUNT: Every 250 points you will get € 20 discount.
The points can be spent up to a maximum of 1000 per purchase (ie € 80 is the maximum discount applicable for a single purchase).
Obviously if you have accumulated over 1000 points, you can "spend" them for a second purchase.
For example: did you earn 1250 points? You will be able to spend the first 1000 for a purchase and the remaining 250 for a second, separate purchase.

Warning: the points / discounts expire, if they are not used by 12/31/21.

Points / Discount Dekoidea? Tell a Friend!