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Floor Tiles - Wood Tiles

Floor Tiles - Wood Tiles

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Adhesive Floor Tiles - 40x40cm
SKU: 32307
GTIN: 8014093323078
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FloorTiles - Wood Tiles

Product Code: 32307
Product Type: Removable Self-adhesive wall decoration
Size: set of 3 adhesive tiles 40x40 cm thickness 0,20 mm
Material: Non-toxic phthalate-free vinyl certified anti-slip R9
Brand: Crearreda
Notes: new look to floors throughout the house. You will be able to cover them quickly, without expensive masonry works. It only takes a few minutes to give a "second skin" to the ruined and aged floor and to transform the environment. The Decorative Tiles - Floor Sticker - made of PVC with a thin anti-slip lamination and a matte finish, are designed for a long life. Washable and scratch-resistant, they are very easy to lay even for the less experienced. Removal will never be a problem: it is in fact possible to remove the Decorative Tiles - Floor Sticker - without leaving glue residues and without damaging the floor.

 “Plus” of Floor Tiles

  • Removable, repositionable
  • Easy to cut with a utility knife
  • Easy to clean
  • R9 certified anti-slip (also for public places)
  • Can also be placed under the doors (they have a thickness of 0.3 mm)
  • They do not fade
  • Resistant to water and humidity

Floor Stickers can withstand the wear and tear of an "average family" with children and pets. Cleaning is super easy: clean residues and stains, use an all-purpose cleaner and sponge or even wipe with a broom.
We recommend that you install all appliances before installing the Floor Stickers - the coating is likely to deteriorate if you drag heavy furniture or appliances over it.
We also recommend attaching felt pads to the feet of tables and chairs and any object that can move or be dragged.

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