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Not only functional, our wall hangers can also be a decorative element for your work environment. Choose from a variety of subjects and colors to match the overall design of your business, creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere.

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Made from durable, FSC-certified materials, our wall hangers are designed to support the weight of clothing without compromising stability. Their solid and sturdy construction ensures a long service life, even with frequent use.

Dekoidea Wall Hangers are made from 4 cm thick poplar wood. Poplar is a light but strong wood, perfectly planar and very suitable for digital printing and made in Italy

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FSC certified
Lightness and strength characterize this type of wood.Due to its low bulk is facilitated transportation as much as use, but most importantly, it simplifies processing. Despite its lightness, its high resistance to bending and mechanical stresses make it suitable for a variety of uses, ranging from the classic production of a poplar wood table, to give an example, to its use as a structural material.Solid poplar wood, i.e., that made from the trunk of the tree, has a light and mostly homogeneous color, unlike other types of wood.

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