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Our vinyl rugs and runners are versatile and functional

You can use them to define spaces, create pathways or simply add a touch of style and color to your work environment. 

Customizable with your logo or company name, vinyl rugs and runners become an opportunity to promote your corporate image.

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Rugs and Runners Material

Made from high-quality materials, our vinyl mats and runners are durable, wear-resistant and easy to clean. They also offer a non-slip surface, ensuring the safety of employees and customers ne

Non-adhesive walkable.

Print surface: polyester (15%) PVC coated (85%), 1Kg/m² matte white

Front: lightly embossed

Back: slightly embossed

Standards: product has FR EN 13501-1 certification and certification for resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings EN 14041 Class DS.

Offices: Vinyl carpets can be placed in reception areas, corridors and workspaces to add a touch of comfort and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the office.

Shops: They are ideal for retail shops, boutiques and shopping centres, where they can be used to demarcate specific areas, such as sales areas, checkouts or display spaces.

Hotels and Restaurants: Vinyl rugs are durable and easy to clean, making them perfect for use in hotels, restaurants and dining rooms. They can be used to create a welcoming atmosphere and define sitting or passage areas.

Doctor's offices and health centres: Vinyl carpets are hygienic and can be easily cleaned and disinfected, making them suitable for use in doctors' offices, hospitals, clinics and health centres. They can be placed in waiting rooms, corridors or treatment rooms.

Schools and educational institutions: They are a practical choice for schools, kindergartens and educational institutions, as they are allergy free and phthalate free. They can be used in classrooms, corridors and common areas.

Fitness Centers and Gyms: Vinyl carpets are suitable for fitness centers and gyms as they are moisture resistant. They can be placed in training areas, corridors or locker rooms.

Events and fairs: they are a practical solution for events, fairs and exhibitions. They can be used to delimit spaces, enhance the aesthetics of the exhibition area or provide a comfortable surface for visitors.

Features Test Methods Results Total

weight EN ISO 2286-2 ~ 1000 g/m² Thickness 2.5mm

Warp breaking strength EN ISO 1421 160 N/5cm

Texture breaking strength EN ISO 1421 90 N/5cm

Warp tear strength DIN 53356 3 N/5cm

Texture tearing strength DIN 53356 3 N/5cm

Bilaminate adhesion coefficient DIN 53357 5 N/5cm

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