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Our plexiglass plates can be customized with your company logo, employee name or any other information relevant to your business. This personalization adds a professional touch and helps create a welcoming and well-organized work environment.

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Plexiglass Plates Material

Thanks to their transparency and lightness, plexiglass nameplates blend perfectly into the environment and give a modern and refined look. You can choose from different sizes to suit the design and image of your business.

Elegant and easy to place plexiglass nameplates come already complete with everything needed for application (screws, dowels and spacers).
Our staff will first offer you the most widely used standard sizes on the market (20 x 15 cm and 30 x 20 cm ) but you can agree with them on special sizes and formats to suit your needs. The thickness can also be varied (from 3 to 20 mm).

The most common function of this kind of product is obviously to indicate the presence of a company or freelancer within a building. It is recommended that details such as:
- company logo
- contact person
- telephone number
- website

The material is carved from extruded acrylic sheets of different thicknesses.
Processing and customizing these sheets can take up to two weeks, so it is advisable to get your request in early.

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