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Create a consistent and professional image for your business with our high-quality furniture adhesive coatings; they are easy to apply and offer a quick and practical solution to renew the furnishings of your working environment.

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Furniture Coating Material

Our furniture coatings, intended for the corporate sector, are designed to be easy to apply, enabling rapid transformation of furniture without the need for professional intervention.

This new film is designed for application to relatively smooth and uniform indoor surfaces.

Adhesive removable without residue, requiring no subsequent cleaning.

Also suitable for indoor public areas or event spaces where clear, punchy graphics are required for short-term promotions.

- Coating tables and furniture

- Coating counters 

- Coat smooth, clean surfaces

Adhesive: permanent water-based acrylic

Liner: Kraft Paper, 120 gFilm: monolithic calendered vinyl, 220 myAdesivo: permanente acrilico base acqua

Liner: Kraft Paper, 120 gPellicola: vinile calandrato monometrico, 220 myGauge, front film 200 myCaliber, front film + adhesive 220 my

Fire Reaction Rating - Rating EN 13501-1 Bfl-s1Anti-slip Rating - EN 13036-4 (dry) PTV 91 (longitudinal)


Initial adhesiveness (N / m) FINAT FTM-1, stainless steel 70

Adhesiveness, after 24 hours (N / m) FINAT FTM-1, stainless steel 160

Chemical Properties

Chemical resistance Mild acids No effect

Solvent resistance Mild alkalis No effect

Solvent resistance Applied to aluminum No effect exposed to: oils, greases, aliphatic solvents, motor oils, heptane, kerosene and JP-4 fuel.

Milk white flexible PVC vinyl Floor and wall applications for indoor and outdoor use.

Easy installation, various applications.

Film: 180 micron clear calendered Adhesive: high quality permanent clear acrylic PSA Liner: one-sided PE coated white pulp paper, 140 gsm.

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