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Our adhesive door coverings offer a practical and versatile solution to renew your working environment. Choose from a wide range of designs, finishes and colours, or customize the coverings according to your style and corporate image!

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We use premium vinyl materials for our adhesive door coverings. These materials are known for their resistance to wear, discoloration and staining, ensuring that the siding retains its beauty and integrity over time.

100 μm opaque white monomeric PVC film
Matte finish, PE Liner
Adhesive with Air Free Technology: adheres to most surfaces Indoor use

Coating doors with smooth, clean surfaces

Fire resistance certificate EN13501 (B-s1,d0) and M1
Application temperature > +8° CSThickness (without protective paper and adhesive): 0.100 mm
Self-adhesive on one side, cadmium-free, coated with a permanent, aging-resistant, solvent-free elastic acrylate adhesiveLight surface structure: due to the dot-shaped adhesive, outdoor applications are possible for up to one year/p>

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