Business Backlit Adhesive Prints

Backlit Adhesive Prints

Backlit stickers allow you to customize the design and message to suit your marketing needs. 

You can create eye-catching advertisements, promote special offers or highlight the strengths of your business.

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Backlit Adhesive Prints Material

Backlighting films are perfect for trade shows, exhibits, point-of-sale, and frequently passing public spaces. 

Their backlighting attracts the public's attention, capturing interest and increasing the visibility of your brand. Installation of the stickers is quick and easy, allowing them to be easily placed on their backing.

Crearreda's backlighting films are easy to apply and remove, even for the inexperienced. Thanks to the anti-bubble weave adhesive, the application of these adhesive panels can be done in just a few minutes without running the risk of bubbles and creases forming.
Finally, the double-ink printing will emphasize the depth of the image and vividness to the colors.

Backlit prints are perfect for both promotional purposes (cinema facades, billboards, etc.) and decorative purposes (such as inside bars and restaurants).
The ease of removal will make it easier to continually renew proposed sponsorships.

The film used is an adhesive membrane produced by one of the best German companies in the industry, is certified B1 fire retardant, and has a special coating of the dot adhesive that ensures application without air bubbling.

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