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Dekoidea novelties: 3D Foam Clocks and Decorations

Home decor and wall decorations is a matter of personal taste. Maybe of character. Probably of style and even instinct.

Wall stickers, by their nature, respond to the do-it-yourself needs of each "interior designers": the choice is huge, they are easy to apply and represent a solution of great effect but cheap.
Our readers have become very expert regarding the benefits of adhesive wall decorations but we have not satisfied yet.
Experiment with new creative solutions is our creed and meet the needs and tastes of families is our ambition.
So we want to show you the latest and hottest in Dekoidea catalogue:

New self-adhesive Foam Clocks: fun, functional and colorful (an excellent and useful gift idea!)

orologio adesivo colori   orologio adesivo black nero

orologio adesivo  orologio adesivo

and new Colorful or Black&White Circles, in foam or vinyl for amazing 3D effects suitable for walls of all sizes: 

cerchi neri adesivi   cerchi 3D adesivi bianco e nero

Dekoidea at Heimtextil in Frankfurt

This blog was created in order to find a space  that would allow us to speak in-depth about our beloved work. Technical information and specifications of the products are very important, but we want more.

We would like  to show you why we like so much transforming a room with new decorative ideas, what gives us the inspiration to do it and what drives us every day to find different solutions that are suitable for any kind of wall.

In the previous post we presented our last year novelties and now, in order to usher in the new year, we would like to tell you where Dekoidea comes from and where takes shape the ideas that you can find on our website.

Dekoidea, as many of you know, is the online store of Crearreda, an Italian company which  invented the wall stickesa and  everything regarding do-it-yourself home decoration. From the first TaccaStacca with flowers and trains for bedrooms up to thousands of decals that you can find in our current catalog..we get on in life!

Regarding Crearreda and all the innovations that are waiting for you in the near future on this website, today I would like to show you some pictures of the last event we participated in, where we presented  the New 2013 Catalog: the Frankfurt Trade Fair.



Write on the walls! Words Up adhesive quotables

The decorative wall sticker allows you to choose among several subjects, colors, themes and transform a room in a few simple steps. 

Why not take advantage of the immediacy of this home decor technique in order to add to the decoration a new feature? 

Send a message or share a thought has never been easier! 

The new Words Up Collection is perfect to give vent to your creativity and desire to communicate.

There are so many phrases  chosen by spirit, poetry, famous quotes taken from a song, a movie or a book, but written in a fun way which identifies a particular room. A wide choice in order to offer everyone the chance to find the one that best represents their personality, their own philosophy or thought to give to those who share with us the home environment.

Let's take a look at a few examples

adhesive quotables self adhesive quotables

self adhesive quotables

  self adhesive quotables

Wall Stickers XL

Feel free to change and customize your walls in a quick and easy way! This is the reason why wall stickers are a growing trend for home decor lovers and for all those who want to explore their creativity and make unique the home environment.

Easy to apply and remove these decorations allow you to renovate your home not only following a precise idea but also a fleeting desire (and maybe a bit risky!) with no regrets. Change your mind with wall stickers is not a problem! You will always have time to start from scratch by choosing a new subject, color or a new location to place the decoration.


In order to suit all tastes and differents needs, Dekoidea offers one of the largest on line catalogs for both quantity and variety of decorative ideas. This catalog is in continuous updating because research, experimentation and innovation are a trademark for Dekoidea.

In recent months in fact the e-shop has received new collections such as Disney Home Decor, GoBig Wall Panels and BellaCasa introducing new materials and printing techniques. These changes have also affected the adhesive decoration  which we can now define more traditional.

So, welcome to 4  XL new decorations which could be added to the classic wall stickers:

Leaves Bicycle

World Maps XL Ramage


Disney Wall Stickers for Any Age

Mickey Mouse and all of the Disney characters have been popular for many years. Many parents will use Disney wall stickers to decorate a nursery or a child’s room. However, recently Mickey Mouse silhouettes may adorn an adult’s bedroom walls due to the more mature designs available now.

Panoramic XXL Mickey Patchwork Maxi Sticker Mickey

Most retail stores carry many varieties of Disney wall stickers, decals, and murals available for purchase in order to decorate the walls of a nursery, a child’s room, a daycare, etc. Along with the many different colorful murals available, there are also black and white silhouettes available.

Disney Princess wall murals, such as castles, carriages, and many more that pertain to the Disney Princess theme is a very popular theme which is used to adorn the walls of many little girls all over. You may also use Disney wall stickers and murals to decorate the walls of a little boy’s room with a Cars theme.

Other popular themes traditionally used to decorate the walls of nurseries, daycare centers, and preschools include Winnie the Pooh characters and many others. These wall stickers, decals, and murals are available for purchase at most local retail stores or online. They are also fairly inexpensive which means even individuals on a tight budget may be able to afford them.

Maxi Sticker Principesse  Winnie 100 Acre Superdecò  Cars L

Black and white Mickey Mouse silhouettes may sometimes be found adorning the walls of art studios or studies in some people’s homes and offices. Mickey Mouse and many other characters have always been popular as wall sticker decorations, blankets, towels, stuffed animals, toys, and many more. Disney themes will always be a popular theme in public places that children are known to frequent such as a waiting room in a doctor’s office, or adorning the walls of preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

Carrè Mickey B&W

Due to its vast popularity, even adults enjoy decorating their bedrooms and offices with sophisticated Disney themed murals or silhouettes. Although the creator of Disney has passed away, the Disney characters will live forever through the lives of the many fans worldwide. So, if you are a Disney fan and want to decorate your room or a child’s room with Disney wall stickers, you can find them almost anywhere and at reasonable prices. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. You may choose an entire theme, such as all the Disney Princess characters including the castle and horse-drawn carriage, and purchase other room decorations such as comforters and pillows in order to match.

The Benefit of Wall Decals

Having the opportunity to perfect the ambience and atmosphere in a room in your house can be quite advantageous. With the implementation of wall stickers you will be able to create the most beautiful look for any room in your home, especially for the master bedroom and even the rooms of your children. There are a wide variety of different stickers available to your use once you have determined that you are ready to implement a more beneficial home decor scheme into your home.


One of the largest benefits of wall stickers is that you will be provided with the opportunity to consistently change the designs on your walls. Rather than painting a mural and using a stencil to get the same effect as the wall stickers, the stickers are completely removable when you decide to change the home decor in the room. Considering that paint essentially has to be painted over, you will be acquiring the exact same feel and look as a traditional painted on stencil. Alongside the fact that wall stickers allow you to re-configure the look to a room, they also provide you with an easier application than other decal methods. With the opportunity to remove and paste the decals to the walls, finding the perfect placement is a simple venture.


Another benefit that is associated with the use of wall stickers is that there are a wide variety of different stickers available for your purchase. Rather than providing only one type of decal, you will be able to find a more mature line for adults and one line of stickers available for children. This will provide you with the most amount of styling opportunities due to the fact that there is essentially a design for every individual in your family.


There are many different ways that you can revolutionize your home decor but with the use of stickers, your home will acquire a brand new feel. As a more modern way to change up the look of a room, wall stickers can be quite advantageous.