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Adhesive floor covering - Square Woods 60x120

Adhesive floor covering - Square Woods 60x120

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Rivestimento adesivo per pavimenti
SKU: 32507b

Square Woods

What to buy: High strength non-slip adhesive coating
Dimensions: 120 x 60 cm
Material: Non-slip adhesive vinyl
Brand: Dekoidea
Notes: Top Panel is an exclusive adhesive coating for tiles and floors that offers the world of interior design infinite solutions for personalization and to give a new look to all interior spaces. The Top Panel coating is easy to apply because it is equipped with the innovative Air-Free technology, which guarantees a perfect result without air bubbles, even for less experienced users. The surface of the Top Panel resists foot traffic, scratches, washing and heat, ensuring a long life. (R9 anti-slip certification).

- Heat resistant (B1 certification): also ideal on the hob
- Resistant to water and humidity: also applicable on the shower walls
- Easy to cut with a utility knife
- Easy to clean, does not fade

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